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wascana valley hiking trails
Difficulty - Easy to Moderate
All photos provided by June Bates of Treadon Travel
wascana valley hiking trails
wascana valley trails



Located less than 30 minutes north of Regina the Wascana Valley Trails offer everything from hiking to biking, snowshoeing and tobogganing to cross country skiing. Located in the Qu'Appelle Valley  there are 15km of trails for people to explore and enjoy. 


The Wascana Valley Trails are an ideal place for a day hike and to escape the city. This is quite a popular area so expect it to be busy most days, but that shouldn't stop you from visiting. 


The trails can be used for hiking and mountain biking in the summer and snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter. A lot of people will come out here in the winter to go tobogganing along the valley walls. 


Hiking in the Wascana Valley is perfect for people of all ages as the trails are well maintained as there are only a few hills to worry about. 


The trails are well marked and you can decide which route to take once there depending on how long you wish to explore for. 


If you have a bike take it out here, however be prepared to deal with mud after a rain storm or early spring. This is a great place to test some skills and get off the pavement for a while. You don't need much more than a basic bike skills to enjoy these trails. 


According to the Sask Cycling Association three mountain bike trails to check out are:


1) Discotech - a single track trail that runs parallel to the valley side. 

2) Toilet Bowl - a very steep and twisty decent just south of the main parking lot.

3) Chicken Little - a hidden log drop off on the east side of the valley. 


When visiting in the winter be prepared to be exposed as the trees are not very large and on a windy day the wind can whip thru the Wascana Valley with some force. 


This location was visited by a SaskHiker friend June Bates and her walking group. June Bates also owns a company called Treadon Travel that offers planned vacations around the world and here at home. Check out her company Treadon Travel to learn more.


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SaskHIker Recommendation


Visit the bridge that crosses the historic Qu'Appelle River. It is an arch style bridge that allows you to stand and watch the peaceful river. Best time to view it is in the early spring when the water level is still high and the current is more powerful.  


Getting There


There are a few ways to get to the Wascana Valley hiking trails but the easiest is taking Highway 11 north out of Regina. 


Just over 10 kilometres north of Regina from the Highway 11 overpass you will turn left (west) on Grid 734. There is a sign that marks where the turnoff is. 


Follow the grid for another 10 kilometres until you hit the valley. There will be a sign that tells you to head south towards the trails. 


There is a parking lot at the entrance. 

wascana valley trails

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