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hiking in grasslands national park



Open prairies, vast horizons and alien worlds are the best way to describe southwest Saskatchewan. This area of the province has some of the Canada's most unique landscapes with rolling sand dunes, desolate bandlands and native grasslands. 


For hiking in Saskatchewan, this area of the province is one of my favourites as it is full of things you will not see anywhere else. Whether that is the perfectly clear sky of the Grasslands National Park, the soft sand of the Sandhills Provincial Park or the exciting mountain biking trails of the Cypress Hills Inter-Provincial Park. 


Hiking in southwest Saskatchewan is much more challenging than most places in the province, especially in the summer when it can easily reach above 30C and the wind can really pick up.


The wildlife in this section of the province is also quite different than other areas. Expect to see pronghorns, rattle snakes, prairie dogs (in certain areas) and many other animals. 


If you are looking for things to do in Saskatchewan, this area offers endless adventures. 



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