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saskatchewan hiking



Southeast Saskatchewan is characterized as a place full of farmland and small towns. However, there are natural places to visit here. Dominated by the Qu'Appelle, Pipestone and Souris valleys and watersheds, the area is full of rich Prairie settlement history. 


Many of the hikes and outdoor locations are near the valley's that scar the area. Recently, the area has had problems with flooding so expect water levels to be high in some locations. 


Ensure you have adequate water as you may not be near a viable water source on most hikes. 


The fauna is a mix of aspen trees and open prairie.


Bring lots of bug spray in the summer as the area can be dominated by mosquitos. In the winter, be prepared to be exposed to the elements as tree cover can be far and in between.

Woodticks can be really bad in this area, so make sure to check yourself after hikes. 

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