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5 Places to Celebrate Canada 150 in Saskatchewan's Backyard

Our Nation's birthday is rapidly approaching. The best gift we as citizens of this giant chunk of rock get is an extra day off to spend time exploring what makes this country great. Our own backyards!

To me there is no better way to celebrate being Canadian than by heading out and exploring the bountiful and beautiful natural places that we have. Here are just 5 places I recommend you visit to celebrate Canada 150 this July Long weekend!

Grasslands National Park

As you are well aware it is free to get into the National Parks this year, but you are probably worried about how busy Prince Albert National Park is going to be. If you don't have a campsite booked it might be near impossible to even get one at this point.

That is why I think you should turn south and visit the only National Park in Canada that protects such a important ecosystem as our grasslands.

The park is full of natural wonders such as 70 Mile Butte, wild bison herds and vistas and night skies that will take your breath away. As a Dark Sky Preserve there is an effort to reduce and eliminate all light pollution. If you are lucky you will get clear night and you can fall asleep trying to count all the stars.

Narrow Hills Provincial Park

This park is one of my favourites in Saskatchewan. It is chocked full of pristine lakes that are packed to the brim with fish. Plus with all the rolling hills you will get the opportunity to get above the treeline and gaze at the never ending green tops.

The best place in Narrow Hills is the Gem Lakes. They are a small pocket of lakes in the northwest corner of the park that are only accessible by foot. Here you can spend a few days soaking in the tranquil blue waters, fishing from a canoe or kayak and enjoying the stunning beauty around you.

Nut Point - Lac La Ronge Provincial Park

Lac La Ronge Provincial Park rests on the famous Canadian shield. Here you can explore billion year old rock amongst the towering evergreens. In my opinion the best way to experience the natural beauty of the park is spending a night at Nut Point.

This 30km round trip hiking trail is a real northern treat. Find vistas of the lake, blueberries everywhere (when in season) and a perfect campsite and swimming area on the rocks that is the best way to spend a hot summer day.

Douglas Provincial Park

If you are looking for easy front country camping with the opportunity to explore ancient sand dunes then Douglas Provincial Park is your ticket.

Located within the park are active sand dunes which are something you have to experience. There is nothing quite like taking your shoes off and feeling the softest sand you've ever felt in your life squish between your toes!

Plus it rests on the shores of Diefenbaker Lake, so there is still plenty of opportunity for some beach time!

Paddle the South Saskatchewan River

The South Saskatchewan River is a beginner paddlers dream. It is impossible to get lost on, there is cell coverage for most of the sections and there are thousands of private beaches to spend the night.

There are many sections to start your paddle, you can either do day trips, overnighters or the whole thing! It is up to you to determine how much vacation time you want to take!

Experiencing Saskatchewan from the river will give you a tremendous appreciation for the beauty of the province.


Where are you headed this July long weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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