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4 Hikes in Saskatchewan You Should Include in Your 2017 Resolutions

Goodbye 2016!

The sun is setting on 2016 and a new year begins for 2017. As we often do during this time, we make plans for the next year and set goals on the many things we want to accomplish.

You might decide you want to starting hitting the gym, learn a new language, or finally get that promotion you've been gunning for. While those are all great goals - sometimes you need to make goals for adventures!

That is why I have put together 4 hikes in Saskatchewan you should include in your 2017 resolutions.

Grey Owl's Cabin, Prince Albert National Park

Grey Owl's Cabin Hike

This 40km over night back country adventure is one of the premier hikes in Saskatchewan. The trail takes you through winding trail along the shores of Kingsmere Lake in Prince Albert National Park.

Grey Owl's Cabin Hike

This hike can be described as a pilgrimage as you make your way to the famous Grey Owl cabin. Along the way you will be immersed in the beauty of the Prince Albert National Park forest. Be prepared to encounter a bear or two along the trail!

A bonus for this year is that if national park passes are free to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary. This is the perfect excuse to get out on the trail and spend some time in the forest!

For more information on how to hike the Grey Owl's Cabin trail click here.

Grey Owl's Cabin Hike

Nut Point Trail, Lac La Ronge Provincial Park

Located on a peninsula that juts its way into the massive Lac La Ronge lake is the Nut Point trail. A 30km backcountry adventure full of billion year old rock. This winding trail is famous for its blueberries, in the right season, dense moss beds and Canadian shield rock.

The reward for your efforts is spending the night overlooking the Lac La Ronge lake and taking a dip in its cool waters. You will be treated with some very spectacular and private views of the blue waters of the lake as you hike!

For more information on how to hike the Nut Point Trail click here.

Gem Lakes, Narrow Hills Provincial Park

The Gem Lakes are a geological anomaly for Saskatchewan. These small and deep lakes are spring fed from the surrounding hills, this unique feature means that sediments are not turned up by flowing water. The result is beautiful lakes that are crystal clear and are the colour of gems, from where they got their name.

The trail around the Gem Lakes is a short 5km loop. There are a few places along the trail for people who want to carry in some gear and spend the night. These sites that can't be accessed by vehicles.

Many people bring a canoe or a kayak and spend their day lazily fishing or basking in the sun. These small lakes are some of the most beautiful in the entire province in my opinion.

For more information on how to hike the Gem Lakes click here.

Boreal Trail - Meadow Lake Provincial Park

This is the only trail on this list that I have yet to complete. This 110km backcountry trail runs the entire width of the Meadow Lake Provincial Park and takes up to 5 days to complete, depending on your pace.

This is Saskatchewan's longest backcountry trail and is rarely explored. I am making it my goal this year to complete the entire trek as I wasn't able to last year.

Last hiking season a fellow Saskatchewan blogger, The Lost Girls Guide to Finding the World, completed the trek. She included in in her Top 20 moments of 2016.

I can't wait to get my boots on the ground and spend some time immersed in the beauty of Saskatchewan's forest.


Are there any trails you want to conquer this year? Let me know in the comments!

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