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Going Local - Exploring Cypress Hills with Tourism Saskatchewan

Exciting news! I will be exploring Cypress Hills with fantastic Saskatchewan Instagrammers during the September 9th weekend as part of a"Going Local" program operated by Tourism Saskatchewan. We will be hitting the trails, seeing the sites and soaking in the beauty of Cypress Hills so we can share with our community.

Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan

The view at Cypress Hills

I haven't been to Cypress Hills in a couple years so I am excited to get back and do some more exploring. That reminds me, I need to get the brakes fixed on my mountain bike.....

While there I will be hanging out with a crew of awesome people who are all much better photographers than me. We all kind of know each other through social media but I haven't met any in person.

Before I go I thought I would let you explore their Instagram feeds and let you know where you can catch all the action. I highly recommend following all of them, if you are on the app. Be prepared for some awe-inspiring pictures of Sask and other adventures.

Pictures and stories will be posted to Tourism Saskatchewan's social media channels or you can visit to see more. I will also be posting pictures and stories to my accounts so make sure you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you don't already. (What a shameless self-plug!)







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