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 Crooked Bush Hafford Saskatchewan
Crooked Bush Hafford




Saskatchewan's largest and oldest tree is named after Samuel J. Popoff, who originally leased the crown land on which the tree is location. At the ripe old age of 160 years this tree has seen the world change around it. 


The Popoff tree predates the province of Saskatchewan by 50 years and when you visit it you can't help but think about all the history that has occured since this old man was just a little seed in the ground. 


Standing at 22 metres tall, 5 metres wide and a span of 32 metres it towers above everything else in the area. Saskatchewan's largest tree is a cottonwood tree, one of the few remaining as they were logged heavily in the early 20th century. 


The Popoff tree used to be taller but it lost its top when it was struck by lightning. 


Saskatchewan's largest and oldest tree is located in the North Saskatchewan River Valley and is a fantastic place to visit to explore. To get to the area requires descending down a summer road and the drive itself offers some fantastic views. 


You descend very quickly into the River Valley and the tree sits besides a gentle creek. This is a great place to bring a picnic and spend an afternoon. 



SaskHIker Recommendation


Make an entire day out of exploring this area of the province by visiting Saskatchewan's Largest and Oldest Tree the Popoff Tree and the Crooked Bush outside of Hafford. If you don't know what the Crooked Bush is, find more information here. 


You can make a loop visiting these locations and will be roughlt 200km of driving if leaving from Saskatoon. This area of the province has many great things to see and explore and is a great way to spend a Saturday. 


Getting There


  • 8 Kms south of Blaine lake on highway 12 or 12.5 kms north of Petrofka bridge. 

  • Turn east on township road 440 (marked tree road) and go 8 kms. 

  • Turn south and go 1 km marked as tree road. 

  • Turn east at heritage sign and go 2.2 kms. 

  • You will be a few dozen meters from river. 


Tree Road is gravel road that turns into a summer road so proceed with caution if you aren't in a 4x4. 

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