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Saskatoon Hiking Trails, SaskHiker

Difficutly - Easy

Distance -1.5km



Pike Lake Provincial Park is a small park 30 minutes southwest of Saskatoon and has quickly become a Stand Up Paddle Boarders (SUP) dream. The lake is very shallow and prohibited to large boats and is protected by trees so it rarely get's large waves and it is easy to launch from. This is also a great place to go if you are looking for a beach close to Saskatoon. There is a great area to sit in the sun for the day and enjoy the tranqulity of the park near the main entrance. 


This area is a mecca for deer. Be careful driving around and to the park. At peak deer moving times (dusk and dawn) you will see deer everywhere. 


For hiking, there is a short nature walk called Gift of Green Nature Trail. That is full of dvierse bio-zones but is very short. This can hike can be achieved by almost anyone and takes you through dense decidious forest, sand dunes and a boardwalk over marshland. The last time I went to this location I was "swarmed" by chick-a-dee's. They are very friendly and are looking for handouts. I don't recommend feeding them as it is best to let nature be nature. However, they will try as hard they can to get you to share your snack. 


The trailhead can be found behind the nature centre by the camp office and the museum. There is white sign that marks the trail entrance. 


You only need to bring small snack and some water for this trail and take your time as it only about 1.5 km long. 


You can also explore on the Lakeside Promenade which is an easy walk along the lake towards the creek mouth. It starts at the main beach and follows the lake, a great place to go for a leisurely walk.


SaskHIker Recommendation


Bring your SUP, kayak or canoe and spend the day lazing around and practicing skills in a relativley controlled enviroment. 


You will not find a very challenging hike here, more of a nature walk so spend the day in the water instead!


Getting There


Head west out Saskatoon on Highway 7.


You will take a left turn 5km out of the city onto Highway 60. The turnoff is well marked with a large sign. 


Follow Highway 60 for 22km until you reach the park entrance. 


The trailhead can be found by taking turning right at the main parking lot towards the campground. It is about 100 meters further than the volleyball court. You will see a bunch of brown buildings and the museum that mark the start of the trailhead. 

Did you visit here? See something cool? Have your own recommendation? Let us know!


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