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saskatchewan hiking meadow lake provincial park

Difficulty - Easy to Advanced

Distance - several short day hikes and overnight backpack trips

saskatchewan hiking in meadow lake provincial park
saskatchewan hiking meadow lake provincial park
saskatchewan hiking meadow lake provincial park



Meadow Lake Provincial Park is in my opinion one of the best parks in the entire province. The reasons being that this park is the most rustic and one of the least commercialized. The connection to nature is strong here. The other main reason is that this park contains our largest hiking trail the 130km plus Boreal Trail (see Boreal Trail Hike Page). 


Meadow Lake Provincial Park is full of beautiful lakes full of fish. If you can't catch something here then I hate to break it to you but you might be a bad fishermen. 


The park is quite large so you will never see everything in one trip so I suggest picking a few trails and lakes to discover and just enjoy your time there. This is a place that requires multiple visits if you want to see everything. 


When you arrive at the park make sure to check with the park office about trail conditions. There were a few hikes that I have attempted only to either turn around or have to forge through an unexpected slough that  has developed. 


If you own a motorboat this is a park you want to bring it to. The lakes get quite warm as they are not deep in peak summer and there are so many of them that you are sure to find you own piece of water to enjoy. There are no paved roads in the park so expect to tow your boat on gravel roads. 


Like I mentioned before, this park is one of my favourites and it is for many people as well. That means it is busy all summer and getting a campsite can be a challenge if you don't book early, so plan ahead!


The park is a fantastic place to bring your SUP, kayak or canoe as there are many bodies of water to explore. There are rivers, streams, lakes and creeks that are the ideal location for someone to paddle down. If you are more experienced you can do a mulit-day trip following the Martineau River that feeds into Cold Lake. 


SaskHIker Recommendation


Kimball Lake Hiking Trail - Long Loop

Distance 6.5km

Difficulty -Easy to moderate


This trail is a fantastic day hike that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the campground without having to venture far. The trailhead is located within the Kimball Lake campground between sites 68 and 101 so you don't even need to drive to the trailhead if you are staying in the campground. There is even a water station to load up just before you venture out.


Take the long loop as it takes you all the way around Raspberry Lake, a tiny body of water that is full of wildlife and a mix of old and young trees. Some of the trees on this hike are very old having survived a forest fire and tower above you. 


Getting There


There are several entrances to the park. Most people take the Highway 55 to Highway 4 route as this is the main entrance to the park. Once inside the park all roads are gravel. 


Did you visit here? See something cool? Have your own recommendation? Let us know!


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