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Maymont Conservation Area Saskatchewan hiking

Difficutly - Easy to Moderate

Distance -no marked trails. Area is about 2.6km wide from east to west

Maymont Conservation Area - Saskatchewan hiking



Located south of the town of Maymont on highway 16 is a conservation area maintained by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. This is one of numerous properties that they have throughout the province and Canada. You can learn more about them by clicking here. 


This site resides along the shores of the North Saskatchewan River. The trailhead is located on the south side of the Maymont Bridge where there is a small place to park in the ditch by the barbed-wire fence entrance. Once you enter the area there are no marked trails and this area is a sandbox of exploration. 


If you are looking to camp in the area the Glenburn Regional Park is just on the north side of the bridge. 


I explored this location in the winter which allowed for us to drop down to the river and use the frozen ice and the shore as an easy trail to make our way east through the property. In the summer you might be able to walk along the shores of the river depending on how high the water is. 


Expect to push bush as you hike through. The area is full of dense brush, willow and grass. You will discover as you hike numerous animal trails carved throughout the bush. Follow these for the paths of least resistance. 


The Maymont Conservation area has a few cottonwood tree groves that you can see towering above the surrounding tree line. These ancient giants are endangered in the province. These trees are well worth making your way to so you can stand underneath their massive size. 


If you are quiet you will see numerous wildlife throughout the area, we were able to spook a few rabbits and even spotted a busy woodpecker making a racket in the trees looking for food. There were numerous signs of deer and coyote activity as well. 


This area can be explored in a day and you should expect to set aside about 4 hours to explore the entire area. Bring a lunch and sit on the hill sides and enjoy the view of the North Saskatchewan River. No campfires are allowed. 


Note Access to the property on the Area Map - Maymont 5 is open for public hiking, while the area Maymont 2 requires permission from the owner. For more information email



SaskHIker Recommendation


Whether hiking in summer or winter, wear pants! You will be pushing through sharp bush and without pants you will come home quite cut up. Also, when hiking in groups make sure that you are no closer than 10 feet from each other. As you hike you will snap back tree branches and no one wants to take one in the eye. 


Be careful when hiking, there are many places to trip and fall and roll an ankle. These aren't groomed trails. Also, if hiking along the North Saskatchewan River be careful of the current or falling in. In the spring or fall do not trust the ice to support your weight.



Getting There


Get yourself to Maymont. It located west of Saskatoon and east of North Battleford on highway 16. 


Once there you will head south on Highway 376, it is well marked. Follow this highway until you cross the Maymont Bridge and the North Saskatchewan River. 


Immediately after cross the bridge you will see a small car pull out in the ditch on the west side. There will be a sign attached to the fence posts that says this an area protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. 


Note the Google map below is for the Glenburn Regional Park - located just on the north side of the bridge across from the conservation area. 

Maymont Conservation Area - Saskatchewan hiking

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