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Little red river park, saskatchewan hiking

Difficulty - Easy to Moderate

Some cross-country trails rated advanced

saskatchewan hiking, clarence steepbank lakes provincial wilderness park
Little Red River Park hiking, saskatchewan hiking
Little Red River Park hiking, saskatchewan hiking



Located just 5 minutes outside of the city of Prince Albert on Highway 55 is the Little Red River Park. This 1200 acre park offers hiking trails, a picnic area and a connection to nature just outside the city. 


The park is located in the boreal forest and offers a great northern Saskatchewan experience. Many of the trails are covered in a fine sand and the trees have very intersting shapes here. They look very different than their more northern neighbours. I found the trails to be some what exposed in areas and can get very hot with the sun reflecting off the sand. 


The airport is close to the trails so every so often a plane will buzz overhead. The Prince Albert airport launches a lot of bush planes that go up north so you can see a few planes that you would not find in other locations. 


The Little Red River Park borders the Red River, a tributary to the North Saskatchewan River. Upon seeing the river you can tell how it got its name, as the water is a deep red caused by sediments floating in the water. 


The trails here are multi-purpose being used as cross country ski trails in the winter and hiking trails in the summer.  There are snowshoe trails available for those who don't have cross country ski gear. The trails desiginated for country skiing can only be used by those participating in the sport in the winter.


The park is full of day use picnic areas that have BBQ pits to use. The trails are maintained by the Prince Albert Ski Club. The Cosmo Lodge has access to maps and more information. If you want a detailed Google Map of the area, click here. 


There are two parking lots to access the hiking trails, the West and East Lot. The West Lot grants you access to the trails that cross the CNR railway, these trails are very sandy and take you through the boreal forest. 


The East Parking lot grants you access to trails that run along the Red River these are more scenic trails but are generally more busy. 


One of the highlights of the park is the supsension bridge that crosses the Red River. You can find the bridge just off the main road that takes you to the West Parking Lot. You will see a large wood structure on the side of the road that marks it's entrance. 


This is a great place to come for the day and explore. Spend time walking the river bank and listening to the birds and the babbling river. Make good use of the picnic areas and bring some hotdogs and burgers to roast. 



SaskHIker Recommendation


Make a day out of visiting here. There are many trails to explore and are easy to navigate. Bring a lunch, find a picnic bench and enjoy the park. Spend some time close to the Red River bank and enjoy the sound of the water rolling over the rocks. 


I suggest exploring the trails near the Red River first as they offer the better views compared to cross country ski trails off the West Parking Lot. 


Getting There


Get yourself to Prince Albert. Once there head north on Highway 2 towards the North Saskatchewan River.


Cross the bridge and take the Candle Lake Highway 55 exit to the right. 


Head east for 3 kilometres and cross the small bridge, you will turn left immediatley after you cross the bridge and will enter the park. 

Anglin Lake Hiking

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