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First blog post!

Well here it is. My first post on what I hope will be many. But before we get too far. Let me introduce myself to this big wide world that is the internet. 


My name is Jay Brown but from now on I shall be called SaskHiker. There is that enough? Jeeze this blogging thing will be harder then I thought. 


I have created this page for a sole purpose, and that purpose is to encourage others to get outside and explore the beauty that is Saskatchewan by hiking and exploring it. I don't believe you need to be Bear Grylls to get outside, you just need someone to help you out and that is what I want SaskHiker to be. A community of like minded people who want to share their outdoor and hiking adventures in Saskatchewan. 


SaskHiker will try to provide the best details about hiking trails, locations, gear reviews and anything else that pertains to helping you hike and explore in Saskatchewan. 


I was born and raised here, growing up in a small town Qu'Appelle (Fun Fact: Qu'Appelle was considered to be the capital of Saskatchewan but some back door politics lead to Regina becoming the capital, but that's another story) I grew up on what is best described as natural Saskatchewan prairie forest. I know that is a a bit of an oxymoron but it is true. There are forests in Saskatchewan, even in the south! 


It was here that I learned to appreciate the outdoors, my older brothers and I would spend countless hours outside exploring our own backwoods searching for coyote and deer tracks and building tree forts. 


I know live in Saskatoon, the provinces largest city and in my opinion one of the best cities in Canada. Where I have continued to foster a love for all things outdoors and Saskatchewan. This city is one of the few cities in the world that you can enjoy nature while remaining within city limits. 


Many people do not think there are natural places to explore in this province and that is is best to just keep your cruise a buck-25 (125km/hr) as you fly down the number TransCanada Highway. I have found even long time residents of this province do not know what is in our own very backyard. I want to correct that line of thinking by taking people outside and into the world that is Saskatchewan. If you are thinking for "things to do in Saskatchewan" I hope SaskHiker can provide that answer to you!


The SaskHiker motto is, "Go outside. There is fun stuff out there."


What I hope this captures for you is the attitude that if you head out you'll be amazed at what you will find. 


I hope you will join me on this adventure. 



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