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Looking for hiking trails in Saskatchewan?


Use our interactive map to click on a zone and see what you can discover. 


The province is broken up into 4 zones

Each zone offers a very different landscape. Spend time exploring each zone of the province and make sure to report back on what you found.


Go outside. There's fun stuff out there!



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Northern Saskatchewan


A part of Canada's massive boreal forest, northern Saskatchewan largely untouched and wild. The further north you go, the smaller the population and more alien the landscape. You will find towering pines and birch trees. Massive untouched lakes, rivers and streams.


Summer can be very bad for blackflies and mosquito's so bring lots of bugspray and a mosquito facenet is nice to have for when it get's really thick. 


This is bear country so if heading out into the backwoods bring proper protection and follow smart bear safety. 

Southeast Saskatchewan


This area is marked with birch tree forests. The changing seasons are best observed in this area as the trees shed and grow their leaves. In peak summer the area is full of green meadows and forests. 


The Qu'Appelle Valley begins in this region, a historicaly significant and massive river and lake system.


The further south you venture  the landscape opens up until you can almost put a ruler across the horizon. 

Central Saskatchewan


Where most of the province's people live, this are starts south of Prince Albert and runs to Regina. Where you will find the endless fields, railway lines, and small towns this area of the province requires venturing off the beaten path to find natural wonders. 


The North and South Saskatchewan River's run through this zone and offer some of the best locations to explore. 

Southwest Saskatchewan


This region of the province is marked with sand dunes, rolling hills, natural grasslands, badlands and open spaces. 


You will find yourself taking a lot of breaks overlooking miles of open prairie while atop of a hill.


The badlands and sand dunes that are here are some of the most interesing ecological features in the province. 


Watch out for rattlesnakes, they are rare but in the area. 

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