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Click on a hike or an area to find out more and start planning your next Saskatchewan adventure!


Go outside. There's fun stuff out there!


If there is a location you think that should be listed here and isn't reach out to us here! So we can share it with the community.

A short day hike only 15 minutes south of Saskatoon. 


Offers views of the South Saskatchewan River and Beaver Creek. 

A short day hike only 15 minutes south of Saskatoon. 


You will find a spectacular vista of the South Saskatchewan River and the shifting river bank. 

A day hike north of Saskatoon full of history. 


You will see views of the South Saskatchewan River, active archaeological dig sites and other First Nation history. 

duck lake hiking trails

Almost half way between Prince Albert and Saskatoon on Highway 11 the Duck Lake Trails are a network of 52km of cross country ski trails that can be used by hikers in the summer. 


Only 60 minutes north of Saskatoon but is within the boreal forest offering a much different experience than trails further south. 

An extremley fragile and rare natural prairie nature preserve. 


Located within Saskatoon you will find a glimpse of Saskatchewan before the settlers arrived. 

An adventure location that can only be found in Saskatchewan! The Crooked Bush or the Crooked Trees is an ecological wonder about 100km northwest of Saskatoon and 80km northeast of North Battleford. 


This a must see for anyone who loves weird nature. 

Located only 30 minutes north of Regina the Wascana Valley Trails offer an outdoor adventure and hike for everyone! There are 15km of trails that are perfect for hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. 


The perfect day trip location to get out of the city!

A small but quiet regional park northwest of Saskatoon. This is not much of a hiking location, with only a small nature trail. However, a great place to bring a tent for the weekend to get a taste of nature close to the city. 

Located in the Qu'Appelle Valley the Buffalo Pound Provincial Park offers over 30km of hiking and mountain biking trails. This park is one of the best recreation areas in the province. 


The park is open in the winter with many of the hiking and biking trails turning into cross country ski trails. 

Crooked Bush Hafford Saskatchewan

Located on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker this park boats a handful of great hiking trails. It is part of the TransCanada trail system, which allows you to hike along the shores of the lake. 


Home to an active dune site, spend the afternon exploring exposed dunes left over from the last ice age. 

A small provincial park south of Saskatoon.


While it has a small hiking trail Pike Lake is a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarders dream, with a shallow lake and no large motor boats on the water. 

saskatoon hiking trails

A hiking trail in the heart of Saskatoon!


There is a network of trails that run along the length of the city on the east bank of the South Saskatchewan River. 


The trails are also great mountain bike trails and are shared by walkers and bikers. 

An unmarked trail hike from the historic Borden Bridge on the North Saskatchewan River. 


Follow deer and coyote tracks, cross creeks and marsh land to get to the base of the Borden Train Bridge. 

Crooked Bush Hafford Saskatchewan

At 160 years old and 22 metres tall this is the tallest and oldest tree in Saskatchewan. The Popoff Tree is an adventure location and is a great place to spend the afternoon having a picnic and enjoying the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.


Located outside of Blaine Lake, SK on Highway. 

The trailhead starts in the town of Outlook and follows the South Saskatchewan River. This Saskatchewan hike is a part of the TransCanada Trail and is most famous for the SkyTrail Bridge. A 48 meter tall bridge that is the longest pedestrian bridge in Canada. 


One of SaskHiker's more favourite locations in the province!

Crooked Bush Hafford Saskatchewan

An adventure location with a small nature walk, this location is the site of the Battle of Fish Creek, a major battle during the Louis Riel Rebellion/Resistance. 


There is a strong connection to history and worth visiting to learn more about Saskatchewan's past. 

A newly finished trail that allows you to know hike/bike from Saskatoon to the Chief Whitecap Park - a nature area south of the city that overlooks the Saskatchewan River. 


A perfect adventure for your whole family.

Crooked Bush Hafford Saskatchewan

Located south of the town of Maymont on highway 16 is a conservation area along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. There are no defined trails and the area is full of wildlife and endangered cottonwood trees.  

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