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Eagle Creek Regional Park
Eagle Creek Regional Park
Eagle Creek Regional Park



Located north of the town of Asquith lies a small and quaint park resting the Eagle Creek valley, the Eagle Creek Regional Park. The park sits in the basin of the valley with the slow moving Eagle Creek meandering its way through the camping area. 


There is not much for hiking at the park, just a short trail that takes you along the exterior of the park and down to the river bank. So don't expect to come here and go for anything more than a stroll. However, this park is an ideal place to escape from the city for a weekend. The one nature trail they did have unfortunatley takes you past where they have been dumping old machines and materials which ruins the scenery. I hope they are able to clean it up. 


The campground area has spots for RV's and tents with a dedicated area for those who are doing tent camping. I scoped out these camp sites and there are a few that back the river making them an ideal place to slap down a tent. 


If you are looking to tent try and get Site 5, it is tucked away from the rest and offers more privacy. The tent sites from 1 through 8 are closest to Eagle Creek. The other sites a bit more removed. 


The Eagle Creek Regional Park has a couple small cabins for rent that sit along the river if you aren't interested in tenting. 


There is a dock to fish from, when I was there I didn't see anyone haul something up but then again I very rarely catch something myself. 


The park has a golf course that runs along the valley, while it won't win any awards it's not a bad place to hit the ball around for something to do. 


There is a very interesting old bridge that crosses the creek. It was moved from it's original location a few years ago, just north of where the park is now. 


What I loved most about this park is how quiet it is. It isn't very large so there is not a lot of people and traffic rolling through. It is also far enough from any major road so there isn't road noise. 


The Eagle Creek is a tributary to the North Saskatchewan River, which means that you can launch a kayak or canoe from it's shores and it will take you to the river. There are a few spots I have been told that will require a short portage but it is more than doable. This is something that I hope to do very soon to experience Eagle Creek from a different view.


SaskHIker Recommendation


Visit this for a weekend destination. There is just enough to do to spend a couple days here before moving on. Spend some time exploring the creek valley, there are some great vistas waiting for you if you climb to the top of the hills. 


Book a tent site along the creek - there decently secluded and give you a great view during your stay. 


Getting There


Get to Asquith, which is located on Highway 14 west of Saskatoon. 


About a kilometre west of Asquith turn north on road 376. There is a sign that marks the turn. 


Follow this for for 11km where you will turn left (west) There is a sign marking the turn. 


Follow the road for another 6km and the park will be on the left.

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