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The trails just 17km north of Duck Lake, Saskatchewan on Highway 11 offer a great day escape from the city. There are 52km of trails that intersect throughout the network that has been built by the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club.


If you enjoyed your visit please consider donating to their organization. 


These trails are specifically designed for Nordic or Cross-country skiing and in the winter can only be used by skiers.


If you don't own a pair of ski's there are many places that will rent you a pair for the day. 


While this trail system is qualified within Central Saskatchewan, it looks nothing like the prairies of the south. Just on the edge of the boreal forest, it offers pituresque scenery of the forest only 60 minutes from Saskatoon. 

Snowshoe trails have recently been added to the area for people to enjoy in the winter. Please make sure that if you are snowshoeing you stay off all cross-country ski trails as your tracks will ruin the hard work volunteers put in to maintain the trails. 


The trails are open to hikers in the summer time, but be prepared for some areas to be flooded by rising waters. The trails that border Beaver Lodge Slough can get washed out and will require you to either ford the slough or find an alternative route. 


The trail system has two warm up shelters near the south and north parking lots. 


SaskHiker Recommendation


Jorgen's Trail

Distance - 13km

Difficutly - Easy to moderate


This trail is the perfect length to spend a summer day. At 13km even if you are not in the best shape you can easily complete this trail. It takes you through dense forest and is easy to follow. 


This is a great trail to use as practice and to build up strength for an overnight backpacking trip. 



Getting There



The trails are just off the west side of Highway 11 between the cities of Saskatoon and Prince Albert. 


The trails are marked with "skiing signs" and there are two parking lots at the south and north entrances. The trails are 17km past the town of Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.


They are easy to find as you will notice the forest getting thicker on the each side of the highway. 

Eb's Trail Hiking Saskatchewan
Eb's Trail Hiking Saskatchewan
Eb's Trail Hiking Saskatchewan

Did you visit here? See something cool? Have your own recomendation? Let us know! 


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