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Cranberry Flats Conservation Area

Difficutly - Easy

Distance - several trails, max distance 3km

Cranberry Flats Conservation Area
Cranberry Flats Conservation Area



Cranberry Flats is a fantastic day hike close to Saskatoon, it offers never ending vistas of the South Saskatchewan River and is a loved destination for all 4 seasons. The area is a mix of open prairie and light mixed forest with sandy banks. 


Cranberry Flats offers cross-country skiing and snoeshowing in the winter time, but because of its regular use you don't need to wear them unless there has been a recent snowfall. There are no groomed trails so you will be making your own path. 


Cranberry Flats is a dog friendly area and a great place to take your pooch out for the day.


Make sure to keep your eyes open for burrs in the more foresty sections. They are everywhere!


The area isn't large but there are many different paths to explore and it is easy to navigate. 


Cranberry Flats is a popular place for Saskatoonians to launch rafts to float down the river towards Saskatoon. Make sure that you wear a life jacket/preserver as it is illegal to enter the Saskatchewan River without one. 


If you wish to launch a kayak or canoe from here, the route to the Circle South Bridge in Saskatoon is roughly 17km long  and you will be folllowing the strong current. 


Swimming is not reccomended as the current is strong and can quickly carry away even an experienced swimmer. 


There is no locked gate but vehicles are permitted during the evenings.


SaskHIker Recommendation


There are no marked trails at this location making it more of a sandbox to discover. The place I recommend  however is  the marsh that you will discover along the river bank. Drop down into this area and head south. Be warned it may be wet in the spring. 


Down here you will discover towering old trees and very interesting colours as there is a wide range of plant life. 


The route I prefer to take once entering the parking lot is the first path on the left that takes you away from where most people venture. This leads you through an intersting mix of natural prairie and the sandy soil that is prevalant throughout the area.


Getting There


Head south out of Saskatoon on Lorne Ave (Highway 219), this is the same route you would take to Dakota Dunes. 


Take a right on Grasswood Road, this is just after the landfill turnoff. The turn is marked with a sign.


Turn left at your first interstection, Range Road 3055. 


Follow this for 3km and you will see the parking lot marked with a large brown sign. 

Did you visit here? See something cool? Have your own recommendation? Let us know!


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