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saskatchewan hiking, clarence steepbank lakes provincial wilderness park

Difficulty - Advanced

Backcountry locations

Pictures and information shared by Brandon Tendeck

saskatchewan hiking, clarence steepbank lakes provincial wilderness park



If you are looking for a true off the grid experience Clarence - Steepbank Lakes Provincial Wilderness Park will be for you. This location is being shared by Brandon Tendeck, a SaskHiker friend and an avid lover of the outdoors. 


If you wish to share a location with SaskHiker reach out to us here. 


Clarence-Steepbank Lakes Provincial Wilderness Park is the perfect place for those who are looking to escape the grind of the modern world. The word wilderness in the name says it all. You won't find any ice cream shops here nor zip lines. In fact, you won't even find running water. Just simple nature. The smell of the giant spruce of northern boreal forests. The bright green auroras dancing above in the pitch black sky at night. The foggy turquoise lakes while sipping on your morning coffee. There is a special place in my heart for this place.


There aren't well defined hiking trails, if you decide to venture off the path ensure you are comfortable navigating the Saskatchewan backcountry.


The park has a single road that begins at the park entrance, winds around many small lakes and ends at Steepbank lake roughly 7km away. The two most popular in the park are Clarence and Steepbank lake. Of the two, Clarence is the most “modern” and easily accessible as it is only 500m from the park entrance. Clarence has a campground with 5 large campsites with firepits and an outhouse. The road to Clarence is wide enough to squeeze a small camper through. If you’re looking for pleasant hike, hike the road to Steepbank Lake. Although you can drive most of the way to Steepbank, this website is called “SaskHiker” for a reason.


As you head down the road, you’ll pass Kit, Ridge and Jasper Lake. Each of these lakes has a place to stop and spend some time to have a picnic,  enjoy the scenery and do a little fishing. As you get closer to Steepbank, you will notice the road begins to tighten and you’ll start climb some hills. Steepbank Lake is one of the largest lakes in the park. This long, remote lake with it’s high banks has some nice rustic camping spots. You may decide to camp here for the night or head back and camp at Clarence.


Most of the lakes along the road have spots where you can launch a small fishing boat, canoe or kayak. Fish species you can find in these lakes include Northern Pike, Perch, and Rainbow and Brook Trout.

Before embarking on this trip it is highly recommended that you check road conditions, weather, and advisories for the park. The road in the park is windy, narrow and rough in some places. The roads may be impassable if wet. You may encounter downed trees. Campers who drove to Steepbank have been stranded at Steepbank after large storms have passed through the area knocking down trees. There is a bridge between Jasper Lake and Steepbank Lake that is not maintained. If you’re driving, inspect the bridge and cross at your own discretion. Sask Parks does not recommend crossing this bridge with a vehicle and to proceed by foot.


Leave no trace. This is a lightly maintained wilderness park. Be sure to clean up after yourself and pack out all of your garbage.


WARNING - This is bear country so it is recommended to carry bear spray and to follow smart bear safety. 


Be prepared to be self-sustaining! There is no cell service in this park.



SaskHIker Recommendation


This is a remote and untouched place with few amnenities, Brandon recommends enjoying the quietness of the area. Make sure you visit all the lakes in the park as each one offers it's own reward. 


At night spend the evening staring at the unspoiled sky and take in the quiet and peaceful nature of the park. 


Getting There


Directions from Prince Albert. Roughly 150km drive from Prince Albert.



  • Take Highway 2 north out of Prince Albert crossing the Diefenbaker Bridge.

  • Directly after the bridge, exit on Highway 55 E and drive 40km to Meath Park.

  • Turn left and take Highway 120 N. You will drive pass the Candle Lake Junction at km 35. This will be your last chance to stop for gas, food or other supplies.

  • At km 52 (52km north of Meath Park) turn left onto highway 913. All roads beyond this point are windy gravel roads. These roads are regularly maintained and are usually in great shape. However, they may be sloppy in the rain. You may encounter logging trucks.

  • 41km up highway 913 you will turn left on highway 912 heading towards East Trout lake.

  • A quick 5km drive up highway 912 you will make another left onto highway 927.

  • Driving up highway 927, you will start to notice signs for the park entrance to Clarence - Steepbank. Roughly 7km up highway 927 the entrance to Clarence - Steepbank will be a very small road on the left that drops off the highway. The entrance can be easily missed. If you hit East Trout Lake, you’ve gone too far.

Anglin Lake Hiking

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