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Checkerboard Hill, Leader Saskatchewan

Difficutly - Easy


Photography Credit - Vern Fehr

Checkerboard Hill



An adventure location that requires a short hike to the summit, Checkerboard Hill offers a vista of Southwest Saskatchewan and the South Saskatchewan River. This site is also full of history.


Located not too far from the town Leader, Saskatchewan this is a great place to stop if you are in the area visiting other sites.


Once you get on top of Checkerboard Hill there are a few plaques that descrbe the history behind the area. European history in the area dates back to the year 1800. A man named Peter Fiddler was a trader for the Hudson's Bay Company  set up a trading post close to the hill. In 1802, the traders were attacked by an Aboriginal tribe ending trade for a few years until it was re-established by Joseph Howes.  You can see the original sites from the top of Checkerboard Hill. 


Depending on what time you come here the gates might be closed for cattle and will require you to walk a short distance. If the gates are closed you can walk to the hill by following the riverbank from the gravel road. 


This location was shared by a SaskHiker friend Vern. All photographs were taken by him on his last visit. 


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If you are in this area you should be also spending time at the Sandhills Provincial Park an active sand dune site. 


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Getting There


Get yourself to Leader, Saskatchewan on Highway 21. You need to get on Grid 741 which is on the north end of town and runs east-west. 


Head west on Grid 741 for about 6 kilometers. You will see a sign that says Checkerboard Hill, turn North for another 8 kilometers. 


If you see the South Saskatchewan River you are in the right place. 

If the gates are closed walk down to the River and head east a bit. You should be able to see Checkerboard Hill. 


If you need more information go the Leader Tourism's website or visit them when in town to get more information. 


Checkerboard Hill

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