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borden train bridge

Difficutly - Moderate

Distance - no marked trails. 1.5km to bridge, 3km round trip.

borden bridge hike
borden bridge hike
borden bridge hike



Starting off Highway 16 in the North Saskatchewan Valley on the Borden Bridge this hike follows the North Saskatchewan River where you will cross creeks, follow deer trails and find activity of a beaver family clearing bush. 


I discoved this hike by noticing that people pull over on Highway 16 to take pictures of the historic arc bridge built in 1936 as a make work project during the Great Depression. 


This hike has no marked trails but instead is a fantastic way to explore nature by pushing through the bush and follow in the footsteps of the wildlife in the area. You will see a lot of deer, coyote, beaver and bird activity and if you are quiet enough you might see them. 


I took a route that started on the west side of the North Saskatchewan River and headed Northeast following the riverbank and bush line towards the Borden Train Bridge which is roughly 1.5km and then looped back for a total 3km trip. 


The hike will take you through dense bush and marshland, I have only attempted this walk in the winter when the river and creeks have been frozen, it may be impassible in the summer depending on how wet you want to get. I had to cross to large creeks that feed into the North Saskatchewan River. 


You will be forced to push through thorns and willow trees so wear clothing that you will not be upset if it get's snagged and ripped. If walking in a group, do not follow too closely to the person in front of you as they will whip trees back. 


The start of the hike will take you down what appeared to be a quadding trail. Follow this northeast until you pass the barbedwire fence. From then on, choose your own path to make it to the train bridge. 


If you wish to push further you can following the North Saskatchewan River. If you find something make sure to comment below!


SaskHIker Recommendation


Best attempted in the winter.


During the summer there will be many creeks and marshes that you will have to cross. Only attempt if you are willing to get wet and muddy. 


Getting There


Borden is located 55km west of Saskatoon or 85km east of North Battleford. The North Saskatchewan River is 2km east of Borden.


When you enter the river valley you will notice tire tracks on the west side of the divided bridges. Turn off the highway into the ditch. Since this isn't a well maintained road it will be possibly very muddy and full of ruts so proceed with caution. 


Park your vehicle at the base of the bridge and head northeast. You will see the train bridge in the distance. 




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